Florida Georgia Line

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5. Feel It!

All technical factors apart, the ability to play "in the pocket" really comes from learning just how to play from the perspective of "feeling" the music.

Prevent the tendency that is natural "over think" what you are really doing and just lose yourself within the "feel" of the track - and you will be amazed at just how quickly you will discover your self "in the pocket".

In Summary

Remember it is not just the duty for the drummer and bass player to obtain the "pocket". We, as musicians, have actually an obligation to help make our contribution as well.

Bear in mind that there's a subtle distinction between bands that play "in the pocket" and bands that do not. But frequently, it's that line that is fine separates good bands from great people!

You usually have a large demographic of people to try to make, and keep, happy for the evening when you perform in a Country/Variety Band. That could suggest between 4 and 6 hours of back into back songs that may keep the patrons within the club and purchasing drinks.

I do want to stress it's not a idea that is good play 4-6 hours of songs that all have a similar 3 chord hook in identical general tempo and rhythm. It's very essential to shake things up, for example, play something such as a sluggish waltz and then something peppy just like a two-step or even a shuffle.
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