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Aside from software, digital video is usually edited on a setup with ample disk area. Digital video used with standard DV/DVCPRO compression uses up about 250 megabytes each and every minute or 13 gigabytes each hour.

Digital video possesses notably lower cost than 35 mm film, because the tapes can be seen on location without processing, and the tape stock it self is extremely inexpensive (about $3 for the 60 moment tape that is miniDV in bulk, at the time of December, 2005). By comparison, 35 mm film stock costs about $1000 each minute, including processing.

Digital video is employed outside of movie making. Digital television (including higher quality HDTV) started to spread in most developed countries in very early 2000s. Digital video can be used in modern smartphones and video conferencing systems. Digital video can be used for Web distribution of news, including streaming video and movie distribution that is peer-to-peer.

Various kinds of compression occur for serving digital video over cyberspace, and onto DVD's. The file sizes that result are not practical for delivery onto optical discs or over the internet, with codecs such as the Windows Media format, MPEG2, MPEG4, Real Media, the more recent H.264, and the Sorenson media codec while DV video is not compressed beyond its own codec while editing. The most commonly used platforms for delivering video on the internet are MPEG4 and Windows Media, while MPEG2 can be used nearly solely for DVD's, providing an exceptional image in minimal size but resulting in a advanced level of Central Processing Unit consumption to decompress.
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