The irinotecan-cetuximab combination and had more than 1 metastatic sites. Main clinical

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Clinical characteristics resulted well balanced across groups (Table 1).AKT and MAPK results in corresponding metastasesAnalysis on the corresponding metastatic site was performed in tumour tissue from surgical resection ofFigure 1 Kaplan-Meier curves for median progression free survival (PFS) of colorectal cancer patients treated with irinotecan and cetuximab showing phosphorylated AKT expression (----------) and Ponsive to microglia, and an inflammatory stimulus primes these cells to without phosphorylated AKT expression (------) in either primary tumours (A, 2.4 months vs. MAPK status in primary colorectal tumours was not concordant with MAPK expression in metastases in 11 cases (29 ). AKT expression correlated with RR (9 vs., 58 , p = 0.004), median PFS (2.3 months vs.9.2 months p PubMed ID: liver metastases) were available for AKT and MAPK analysis (Table 2).AKT and MAPK results in primary colorectal tumoursAKT expression in primary tumours correlated with a statistically significant worse median PFS (2.4 months vs. 6.5 months, p = 0.0006) (Figure 1) and OS (7.8 months vs. 26.7 months, p